● “I have benefited a lot from this intervention and I have become more open to further learning. It is my desire that more almajirai get this same opportunity to learn and become better individuals.”

● “When we started this program, I never knew I could understand anything since I have never had the opportunity of attending a formal school in my entire life. However, gradually, I was able to pick what we were being taught. In fact, I realised how useful the learning was when I found myself able to read newspapers which I never dreamt of doing before.”

● “This program has enabled me gain more exposure, orderliness and quick understanding of lessons I’m taught. I appreciate the efforts of our tutors and the commitment of the donors who made this possible.”

● “Before this intervention, I use to go out begging and never knew I could learn how to do arithmetic, or write down anything. This intervention has opened me to pursue further learning opportunities and become a better person in my community.”

● “To me, it seems I was in total darkness before attending this program, learning how to read and write through this intervention has brought light to my life and I wish to continue learning, further my education, and learn a skill through which I can earn an income”

● “With my current level of exposure through this intervention, I see no reason why I won’t send my children to school in the future. I will learn a skill and become a professional and teach others too.”

● “It looks like a miracle that I can now read Hausa newspapers and understand the message contained in it. I want English Language to be added to the subjects so that I can learn and be able to read English newspapers as well.”

● “I have personally learnt a lot from this intervention. I can now read and write which was very difficult for me before. Our colleagues back home in our Tsangaya wish also to be part of this program as we always explain to them what we learnt .”

● “This intervention has benefitted me a lot, most importantly, I now wish to learn a vocational skill and be able to empower myself and others from my Tsangaya .”

● “I sincerely enjoyed the vocational exposure program as I was able to interact with the experts who shared their experience on how they started and what they have become now. I will source for money and enrol myself to learn shoe and bag making.”

● “I will be glad if I am supported to learn further and have a source of income that will enable me sponsor myself further. It is my wish that the Government comes in to as assist us further as with this nature if intervention street begging will be reduced.”

● “I wish to be enrolled to learn fashion design and be able to sew clothes for myself, my fellow students from my Tsangaya and my entire community.”

● “I have learnt so much from our tutors including punctuality as we always find them already in the class waiting for us when we arrive.”


Ajami Program Tutors

● “The students’ performance really amazed me as an educator. Their zeal towards learning was very commendable. It was observed that even psychologically they have improved as we can notice a resounding confidence and courage in the students.”

● “The success we have recorded in these students is quite pleasant. They cooperated well in the learning process starting with coming early to class and paying maximum attention during lessons.”

● “Interestingly, the students were even demanding for additional contact session as they really found learning fun and were highly inspired to keep learning further.”

● “The curriculum, pedagogy and contents used for training them made it quite easy and flexible for them to learn from scratch within such a short time.”

● “The students participate very actively in the class by asking questions and paying maximum attention. They always complete their assignments and class works. ” Tsangaya Malamai:

● “Seeing what the students are learning, I wish I can also be enrolled to learn too. I hope similar program can be initiated to target us, the Tsangaya malamai too.”

● “There has been a tremendous change in the students from my Tsangaya who were selected to attend the program. None of them could read or write before, now they can.”

● “We have noticed that our students enrolled to the program are able to recite the Quran with proper pronunciations better than the style we normally use in the Tsangaya.”

● “Initially, when the team came to select students from my Tsangaya, I taught it was an irrelevant training that will only waste the time of my almajirai. However, the first day they attended class and returned home to show me what they were taught, I felt very happy and wish more of my almajirai could be taken to benefit too.”

● “The 10 students selected from my Tsangaya to attend the program have displayed high level of courage and willingness to learn after benefitting from the intervention. When they return from the centre, I ask them what they learnt and I get really astonished with the way they respond confirming they understand what they were taught.”