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1. Produce educational resources for training in English, Ajami and Hausa Languages.

2. Strengthening the literacy and numeracy level of out of school girls.

3. Improving and enhancing their ability to recite the Glorious Qur’an with proper Tajweed.

4. Strengthening their knowledge of personal Hygiene & grooming, pre-marital counselling and peacebuilding.

5. Career guidance and counselling through exposure to diverse vocational guilds.


Target Group:

Out of School Girls (Ages 13-18)



Phase I: 6 Months

Phase II: 6 Months


Development of Instructional Materials

Training and pedagogical materials Developed in 5 subject areas namely:

1. Ajami Literacy (Hausa in Arabic script)

2. Numeracy

3. Hausa (Hausa in English Alphabet)

4. Tajweed

5. English Language



A total of 50 Girls trained in the 5 subject areas and life skills.


Vocational Exposure

A total of 50 Girls exposed to 17 different Vocations serving as career guidance and counselling.


Main Activities

1. Developing the Teaching Resources

2. Conducting training in all 5 subject areas for 48 Contacts Session across a period of 6 months

3. Deliver sessions on life skills (personal Hygiene & grooming, pre-marital counselling and peacebuilding.)

4. Conducting Exposure in Practical Hands-On skills acquisition for 17 different Vocations Budget: